Time Keeper

I find myself awake at night

wandering home(s) and memories, looking for connections

I open a box full of my school stuff from my age as a child

that my father gave me…

I keep looking at a recent picture that I took at my parents garden.

and I realize that I’m becoming more and more like him.

Dust covers memories

and pictures are time keepers, helping me to balance

Birth, goodbyes, death, flashbacks and escape.

Imaginary landscapes.

Time expand and disappears.

How long is now?


First Limited edition of 75 signed copies.

Uso Mano 140gr Paper, 250gr Cover. 

168 Pages.

Italy: 20 Euro + 3 shipping

Abroad: 20 Euro + 5 Shipping

This is a really Long-Term project for me. Time passing, Obsessions, escapes and surprise. Something that really needed to exist on paper.