Approaching New York
In 2010 I had the chance of going to NY for some days, not for photography mostly but because I was in the USA for an assignment and I took some days before to visit NY with my daughter.

It was a period of big changes and I was sure experiencing some big one or in better words, looking for solutions for the period that was exciting but really hard.

Looking back on that I wonder where I found the energy to overpass what was happening in those years but I’m anyway happy that the daily grind made me more than just miserable.

So it was a search, definitely.
Ten years ago I was unaware of what photography really became in these days not from the fame or success point of view but mostly as a personal experience one so I ended up doing a lot of what you may call “Street photography” that is a nonsense definition to me now. I still shoot in the streets but I changed a lot and my photography followed.
In that precise moments sound and temperature collided and I can remember the landscape coinciding with my Image of how I imagined going there for the first time when I was a kid. 
I can recall the Music, a Miles Davis song (It never entered my mind).
So the music it’s still now a reminder of that period.

The song is Miles, the period: August. The city: NY.
new york Gabriele Lopez
So it’s no way my intention to post a web-gallery of the best, but simple pointing to a moment of connection, that as always happens, has been done for the most part with a point and shoot camera in a totally spontaneous and istintive way rather than those meditated photographs that mean a lot less, watched today.
 As I said, it was mostly many days of simple wandering with no money and even if I'm sure that I would do things differently today I am happy that I recorded that city in the way I was during those years.
Wandering, doing what I could and looking for a new direction. It was 2010.
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