Let’s Skate!

I got a phone call by a client the other day.

He asked me to take a picture of an expensive painting hanging on a bank wall..they had a crappy one but they needed a good one for a catalog…nothing that I have not done before..

He begun to say that, anyway, the budget was really poor, …I decided to shoot the event anyway, just to keep in touch with him even if I was not happy to work for like nothing..

I drove an hour and a half, in perfect time for the appointment, but nobody was there waiting…I made two phone calls to be sure everything was alright, I was outside and it was raining…nobody answered. I called again without any answer.

He was more than one hour late…

I started thinking that maybe he was dead, and the phone was ringing alone, while he was on the wheel with heart-pills fallen down on the pavement of his car…but he showed up smiling, with a girl…”I had to park”, he said.

We went into the bank, got to the right floor and we entered a room. The man inside closed his drawer in a rush as soon as we went in..he looked strange…but I ignored the thing, got the Picture off the wall, pointed the camera on the tripod and started framing…it all lasted 10 minutes for a serie of pictures with slight different exposures.

I started thinking that it was so late that we would be sure trapped in the highway with all the 9 to 5ers on the way home to their televisions..Alessia was waiting for me in a close Bar to drive back together…The bank looked silent and no one looked like working that much, the crew I was working with started hanging author names cards to every picture around, asking me for help…I did the first, so they laughed saying that I better had no hurry since I had to do 17 more of this.

I started to desire to open the secret drawer and see what was hiding…and throwing the content out of the window, as he was smoking on the balcony.

From the opened window I heard some familiar noise, It was skateboarding noise…some kids were practicing in the street.

I heard that noise for 20 years in a row, it was my life, I was fully dedicated and addicted to it for such a long time…it reminded me who I was, why I started taking photos and what I was hoping for…nothing close to being humiliated in a bank shooting a crappy picture of a flower…

I packed everything and went out without advice, I passed under our office and found the skaters using the sidewalks…met Alessia at the Bar and we drove home finding the expected traffic overdose on the way back. Radio was on.

Just an ordinary day with no point, no excellence…except a reminder of what should not be anymore.