Broken Poems was presented as a project on 2019 in Sanremo in a collective exhibition during a summer festival. It was the starting point of the nano-publishing adventure.

A collector package made of: 

-the 41 pictures from the show, a Mix from Darkroom prints and Inkjet on Baryta and matte paper. Size between 15x20 to 18x24, original and signed.
-Signed Broken Poems Book
-A Canon point and shoot camera used for most of the photographs, still working.

Find a good place close to the sea and look at pictures.
Fragile thoughts and sensation disappear silently far from crowds and noise.
Open my eyes so I can see and be in love.
Black is the night.
Encounters, keys, 
changes, escape.
So quiet that you could see through it.

Diary. No fear.
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