Time Keeper

Andalusia Diary

While washing it all away. Will come back.  

come in

Fast cars speeding motorbikes streets are a giant crowd of people tonight drunk men talking alone a girl with red lipstick ner


To win the sensation of being defeated, blind and bored I take pictures. The one I want or desire, I look for them until I fin

Divide time

Divide time that was already gone in two parts, then in half exactly, doing it again and again…until it was so little that I

On to the next thing

On to the next thing So many things are piled in my mind Time can be hard to be found So here I am traveling In this fantasy w



Averne le palle piene del monitor, della post produzione… Ascolto i rumori della città da sopra, distante…sento i

Berlin Notes

T 2016

Fucking time passing winning distances exploring friendship fighting loneliness admiring & looking for shadows Airport cha


I capelli bianchi, conto i numeri che scorrono. Il vento, fa freddo, fa caldo, la preghiera, la fine del mondo, Donald Trump,


trapped home working everyday in a computer madness. Hard to find time for photography.

Time Keeper


“[Wabi-sabi] nurtures all that is authentic by acknowledging three simple realities: nothing lasts, nothing is finished,


raindrops cover the city on a lazy afternoon. People is looking absent while driving cars around. Crowd laughs and disappears,

No time

E’ tanto che non trovo il tempo di mettere su foto nuove, sebbene ne abbia moltissime. Forse non sono ancora stanco di quell

Night was just started but facing that scene it seemed like sun could immediately rise once again.

sometime (…) A feeling you had before/a feeling you never had before. Real and imagination fly together

(My) Subway life

I started to take these pictures casually, in those endless hours spent traveling back and forth during my 9 to 5 years..like

London Notes

My Paris