(My) Subway life

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I started to take these pictures casually, in those endless hours spent traveling back and forth during my 9 to 5 years..like millions of other people, I have done that kind of life for many years…

Subway can be an outstanding theater of human life situations if we’re opened to different possibilities..and it offers a wide panoramic on our reality.

These pictures have been taken in a 5 years period, until 2010…today is more common to observe 90% of passengers hiding while observing a blue smartphone screen rather than watching around and even if today the pressure of taking photographs of that world has slowed down, this represents fine our daily way of living.

In the Underground, especially when you’re surrounded by crowd, you lose your definite identity, the one you accurately built along the years, before stepping out of home..you maybe a multinational Manager, a street sweeper, it doesn’t matter. Your space and privacy are revisited and you have to find a way even for breathing in some moment. Our sense of smell, one of the most ancient senses we have, faces again thousands of strangers, in the same way we do with our partners. Your status is deleted, we are all men and women and we all want to reach the light, so we cooperate.

Look games, meetings, distance desire, earphones and books became defense weapons, stories of people I can only imagine that for some stop or for dozen minutes live together between fascinations and indifference shades. Someone catches some extra-minute of sleep, someone gets lots out of the window, someone can’t just accept his destiny of days all equal one to each other, on a daily run to join the next train ride and optimize time so you don’t have to wait.

The little camera helps me to face all this, it teaches me to look, to see where it looks there’s nothing left to see, to notice things that normally I would ignore, it’s my translator..so I can be able to avoid to be one of the millions of people that would like to be somewhere else. Sometime is my mask, my protection.

This is my train, and my ride.

Gabriele Lopez, 2013.